In a match that can be best described as war of attrition between South Africa and England, the latter won 1-0.

It was the second match between these two teams in the second Summer Series held in Cape Town. All matches are played at the Hartleyvale stadium. Germany is also involved in the series.

After 30 minutes of play there was still no goal, but unlike in previous encounters during the Summer Series it was South Africa creating the chances and looking like the more dangerous team on the pitch. 

England broke the deadlock in the third quarter when Edward Horler scored. England started the second half like a team that found a next gear.

The local team created chances and looked more dangerous throughout the match and while they will be happy with the fact that they only conceded one goal in this match, the disappointment was obvious. This is a very young South African team that is showing some great promise. It was a good match on the attack and on defence.

Ryan Crowe made a welcome comeback to the team after recovering from an injury that kept him on the sideline until now. 

South Africa’s next and last game is on Thursday at 18:00. 

The rest of the series’ schedule: Wednesday, 8 March @ 18:00 England v Germany; Thursday, 9 March @ 18:00 – South Africa v Germany.