Day four of the 2019 SPAR Indoor Series at Danville Girls High School in Durban North will be remembered fondly for the exhibition match between Zimbabwe and Emerging South Africa in the morning game. Following a decision from the tournament organizers, the exhibition match was streamed to allow the future players of South Africa to be seen from the hockey loving public. With Emerging South Africa having won 4-2 in the previous days encounter, Zimbabwe had revenge in their eyes! 

Emerging South Africa were superb in the first half and looked to have the game set with a 3-0 lead through goals from Cailynn den Bakker with a brace and Jess Lardant. In truth there seemed little hope for the Zimbabweans to produce a result and they looked a little tired after a superb performance against South Africa in the previous nights test match. 

But with a little over ten minutes left Zimbabwe produced a thrilling fight back to steal an improbable result. Natalie Terblanche, then Simone Herbst and then Terblanche again brought the game to a 3-3 tie before Herbst netted a winner that lifted the Zimbabweans to their best moment on the tour. It was a thrilling game and a superb advert of indoor hockey. 

Having put it all on the line Zimbabwe looked out of legs and their fire was doused by SPAR South Africa and in particular Tegan Fourie in the fourth test match. Zimbabwe netted the games opening goal through Giorgia Allardice before South Africa surged to victory. Kara Botes got the hat-trick, Cindy Hack a brace, and the Southern Gauteng pair of Robyn Johnson and Alex Kavanagh made the game safe in a 7-1 win. 

SPAR South Africa had also emerged comfortably victorious in the early morning game against Botswana. 

One more day remains and one more test between the two nations.