• Return to six players instead of five
  • Changes follow consultation with Athletes and Rules Committees
  • Rules to be adopted start of 2016

The International Hockey Federation (FIH) has confirmed six rule changes to Indoor Hockey which will come into effect at the start of 2016, including a return to six players on the pitch.

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The match between Germany and Austria was a milestone for Deon Nel as he umpired his 100th international senior match. The South African becomes the 35th male umpire and the third South African after Marelise de Klerk* (2004) and John Wright (2006) to receive the Golden Whistle.

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Please find attached a brief description of the new 2015 Rules which will be applicable this season. Further information and clarity is provided in the 2015 Rule Book available on the FIH website and soon in hard copy (Rulebooks) from the SAHA offices.

The 4 x 15minute quarters will only be applicable at IPT's, National and International tournaments. This is as a result of the additional time required.

Adaptions to the mini hockey rules will be made an distributed shortly.


World Panel

Michelle Joubert, Peter Wright

Clive McMurray (UM), Marelize de Klerk (UM)

World Development Panel

Annelise Rostron

Grade 1

Ayden Shrives

Promising Umpires List

Andrea Nicholson, Sean Rapaport, Wanri Venter


Chantelle Britz, Claire Cowen, Darren Hubach, Jonathan van Hoesslin, Kirk Mendoza, Lyndal Robertson, Riaan Osman, Scott Tarr, Tanja Schafer

Gary Simmonds (UM), Zain McLaren (Potential FIH), Jean Buchanan (Potential UM)

Video Umpire

Deon Nel


International Umpire – Ayden Shrives

International Badge

Lorinda Thomas, Lyndal Robertson, Tanja Schafer (left for Ireland)

Gary Simmonds (UM)


Feico Mulder, Marie van Rensburg, Sheila Brown, Sue Simmonds, Mark Taljard


January                Croatia Indoor Cup                          Lyndal Robertson            

February              Indoor World Cup                            Ayden Shrives, Gary Simmonds (UM)

April                       Commonwealth Games                Deon Nel (Video), Sean Rapaport (FINAL), Wanri Venter

July                        World Cup – Women                      Annelize Rostron, Michelle Joubert, Marelize de Klerk (UM),                                                                                                                                                                          Marie van Rensburg (TO),  Sheila Brown (TO)

September         Youth Olympic Games                   Darren Hubach, Lize Strydom

November          World Cup – Men                            Deon Nel (Video), Peter Wright

In February John Wright was awarded the FIH International Men’s Umpire of the Year (2017)