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The Premier Hockey League (PHL) is an exciting new hockey format, created to transform the sport in South Africa – from an interest, participation & performance perspective.


Sulize de Klerk (NG)
Claire Hill (KZN Coastals)
Chloe Keeping (SG)


Natalie Esteves (NG)
Jaqui Ras (FS)
Carmen Smith (SG)
Hayley Kilfoil (SG)
Zimasa  Donywa (EP)
Erin Prince (WP)
Amy Etherington (NG)
Shindre-Lee Simmons (FS)
Marissa Poolman (NG)


Anneke Beukman (NG)
Claire Gibbings (NG)
Kristen Paton (SG)
Marizen Marais (SG)
Tegen Fourie (KZN Coastals)
Alegra Dijkstra (WP)
Elmien Marais (NW)
Priscilla Esterhuyze (FS)
Demi Harmse (SG)


Nomnikelo Veto (EP)
Gretchin Davids (WP)
Tarryn Glasby (WP)
Marguerite van Wyk (NG)
Antoinette Louw (FS)
Cheneal Raubenheimer (SG)
Charne Martell (NG)
Donna Small (KZN Coastals)