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Internationals (Men)

Senior Men v Germany
Hartleyvale, Cape Town

Date SA time Fixture
Wed 5 Mar 19:00 RSA 2 GER 7
Fri 7 Mar
19:00 RSA 1 GER 5
Sat 8 Mar 16:00 RSA 3 GER 5

Senior Men Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
Ipoh, Malaysia

Date SA time Fixture
Thu 13 Mar
14:05 RSA 2 MAS 3
Fri 14 Mar
14:05 CHN 5 RSA 0
Mon 17 Mar
10:05 RSA 0 AUS 7
Wed 19 Mar
Sat 22 Mar
Sun 23 Mar
09:30 5/6 RSA 0 CAN 2
All playoffs Live SS7

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